OTT Platform Promotion

First, our Professional team will research your platform content, target market, audience behavior, etc. Then we will create the latest and valuable promotion & marketing strategy for your platform.

The most important aspect of improving an OTT platform for it to actually reach people is a calculated and well-researched mix of strategies implemented to the right people at the right time. The current model for gaining traction on your OTT video platform is Content + Audience + Distribution + Marketing + Monetization = Video Business Success. A strategic and targeted approach to the aforementioned model is the key to gaining success in any OTT video business.

Building upon and improving the Target Group (TG) profile is a recurring and essential part of any OTT strategy. Knowing customer behaviour on your platform will enable you to service the customer better.

When the internet arrived, it brought with it the opportunity to watch any video on demand. The customers now have full authority over what they want to watch and when they want to watch it, ushering the era of over-the-top advertising and entertainment.

  1. Marketing Strategy:

– Setting up of Target Audience based on content on OTT

– Target cast followers of movie/web series/songs on OTT

– Social Media Marketing

– Paid Ads on Search Engine, Social Media, YouTube

– Email Marketing

– App advertisement

– Whatsapp Promotion

– Influence Marketing

– Radio/prints/TV Marketing

– Big Celebrity Recommendation/reviews

– Subscription offers

  1. Result:

The strategies which discuss above will immensely benefit your OTT video platform when implemented these correctly at the right time and place with right audience. With our strategy we fix all your week point and with time and patience we execute a successful strategy to grow your OTT video platform.

The year 2021 was an unpleasant year for most of the industry-verticals but contrary to that it proved to be a profitable year for the OTT platforms. In fact, it ruled the industry. It is expected that India will become a key market for the growth of OTT platforms in the year 2021. Sony India, being the domestic player, is expected to produce around 40-50 originals per year.

OTT is no longer a metro concept. The rural areas are contributing to its growth in demand too owing to the cheap data plans. Moreover, the Smartphone technology has increased the demand for such content manifolds. A research conducted by a marketing firm reveals that the growth of digital entertainment has skyrocketed in India due to the impact of the pandemic. This has resulted in the growth of the Hollywood premium content in regional languages also. The closure of cinema theatres due to lockdown and pandemic has also yielded in the acceleration of demand for the OTT platforms in India. Hence, the year 2021 seems to be a promising one for the OTT platforms in India.

In conclusion, The future of OTT platforms in India is promising and the coming years will experience an escalation in the demand for similar services and here Film108 is present to complete our role to promote it to your kind of platform.

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