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First, our professional team will research your movie project. Next, we set up how to do the latest and valuable Movie Promotion and Marketing on a low budget. We have already promoted a lot of features and short films in the Bengali (Kolkata) industry.

Do you know who is FILM108? Why does FILM108 is the best Movie promotion and marketing agency in Kolkata? Well, FILM108 is the fastest-growing film promotion and marketing agency in Kolkata. It is known for its premium and strategic film promotion and marketing. This has everything you need to do for promoting your movie in the community.

They use various mediums to viral the movie with the help of experts. But this offers specialized and strategic film promotion. Yes, strategic film promotion and marketing is a vital element that denotes the success of any movie that is going to release soon. For this, you can call us because we are famous for social media movie promotion and marketing agency in Kolkata as well. 

Some Importance stapes of Movie Promotion and Marketing in Kolkata -

* Create an Official Movie Website.
* Movie Poster Release
* Press Junket
* Social media promotion and PR in Shooting Time.
* Movie Teaser Release
* Movie Trailer Release
* Song Promotion
* Oficial Movie Merchandise Promotion
* Celebrity Meet & Greet Contests
* Q & A Session
* Promotional Tour
* Live Video Reviews from Cinema Halls
* Positive Movie Reviews on Social Media, Bookmyshow, and IMDb.

What does the film promotion strategy include?

1. Should be remarkable

The efficient film promotion strategy includes many essential elements. That one should use to promote movies among the targeted audience. The first thing is, it should be remarkable. The remarkable itself represents the movie should be eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Because only then the people will remember to watch the movie specifically. 

2. Use Social media

As social media promotion is getting much in use, so every strategic promotion. Also includes the social channels to make the promotion as well. The reason being, the majority of people use at least one of the social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many other platforms. And on this platform, there are plenty of people who will love your movie if you reach out to them. Every day new people join social media platforms. Therefore, it is a vital element of strategic film promotion techniques that must be in use these days if you want to stay competitive. So, in this case, you can look for social media movie promotion and marketing agencies in Kolkata or as per your location.

3. Involve your audienc

If you do add and give a chance to your audience to make the promotion by gear and wear. Then it is a significant advantage of your movie promotion. This can be fun, but so much more productive. And we are one of those film promotion and marketing agencies in Kolkata that use this strategy as well.

4. Add on celebrity and brands

The film promotion and marketing agency. Also uses the celebrity and brand partnership to make the effective promotion. This is a great technique that grabs a lot of fans. The reason being when the celebrity or brand promotes the movie then it takes the movie promotion to the next level. 

5. Start using memes Campaign

Using Memes & Other Forms of UGC is also a great way to market something, especially a movie. People love this kind of stuff and if they like then they promote that meme by themselves as well. But this strategy for movie promotion service you may find only in top movie promotion and marketing agencies in Kolkata or any other side of India.

6. Do use SEO

If we talk about the great thing taking can give unlimited boosts for your movie promotion, then it is search engine optimization. People love to search for search queries about the upcoming launch. So, if you are done with each element that we discussed and haven’t implemented the SEO for strategic movie promotion. Then start using it from the next day only. Without this, there is an effective movie promotion that is completely zero.

7. Implement review and ratings

Also, to ensure the quality of the movie and storyline people. Also asked for a review from the friends or search on this term to know whether the movie is interesting and enjoyable or not. So, an effective movie promotion strategy should carry on the review and rating term also should spread it to the relevant people.

8. Use other 50+ Importance Movie Promotion and Marketing Strategies in Kolkata.

So, if you want to have the movie promotion with great attention and proper promotion strategy. Then you can look for us as we are the top movie promotion and marketing agency in Kolkata and serve our customers the best service.

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