Create IMDb Page and Profile

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Associated With Movies – You Need an IMDB Page/Profile

Budding actors who want to share their details with their fans and the movie industry folks should consider getting themselves listed on IMDB. This authoritative source of entertainment information consists of a huge global database, which helps fans go through the world of shows and movies and determine what to view. Movie buffs and professionals of the movie industry browse for profiles of actors, musicians, and directors on this platform instead of Google. Directors too can provide more information about their upcoming movies to movie enthusiasts by creating an IMDB page for their films.

Exposure to billions of movie fans

Actors can share information about themselves and their movies on this global movie database after they create IMDB page. This website gives movies a specific rating depending on the information provided by users and critics. People use this site to find out the ratings and reviews of old and new films, TV episodes, actors and much more using filters such as

  • Title (movie, video game, TV)
  • Name (writer, actor, director, etc.)
  • TV episode
  • Biographies
  • Plot summaries
  • Company
  • Video games
  • Quotes

Comprehensive details revealed

Once a user types in the name of a movie, video game, or actor/actress and clicks on the search button, they receive complete details of the same along with videos and photos. They can also see the rating of the name they searched (based on a rating of 1 to 10 stars) along with the number of people who submitted their rating. For example, searching for the game “Pac-Man” revealed that it received an average rating of 7.8/10 and 2,100 individuals contributed their ratings. You must be wondering how to list yourself on IMDB. Unfortunately, the process is quite tedious and requires the help of professionals. We at FILM108 offer website promotion and marketing. We also specialise in creating IMDB pages. Our professionals are ready to help those who have no idea about how to make an IMDB page. They have successfully created thousands of IMDB pages for actors, producers, directors, and celebrities in the past few years.

Process of making a page on IMDB

Contact us today if you are not aware of how to get an IMDB page or how to create IMDB profile. It is not possible to add new content on their page unless you have a verified IMDB account. This process requires visiting the homepage of IMDB and creating a new page. You have to provide us with your name, email address, and a unique password required to log into your account. You can change this password once we have created your IMDB account and profile. The page making process requires authentication. Our executive will call you after filling up the form and request you to tell him the one time password you will receive in your email. Inform us if you do not receive the OTP and we shall generate a new one. We shall complete the process of creating your IMDM page a minute or so after receiving the OTP.

IMDb profile create – The second step

We take care of the entire process required to setup your IMDB page. Once we have navigated the bottleneck of how to create an IMDB page for yourself, it is time to complete your profile. After creating your account, we shall create your IMDB profile. It ensures that people can search your profile using different parameters. You shall have to provide us with details about your biography, as we shall need that to fill up your “bio” field. You shall also have to provide us your personal details, as we need that to complete your portfolio. We need other information from you along with a passport-sized photograph, as we will need them to make an IDBM page. Never make the mistake of hiring the first agency you find on the internet for creating your IDMB page. They have no idea about the “title format” and rarely adhere to it. Remember, even a small mistake can end up hampering your ratings. For your information, we shall complete your profile by

  • Uploading your photo
  • Rating some titles (you have to provide this information)
  • Making your rating public
  • Writing a review (our professional copywriters will take care of it)
  • Adding some titles to your watchlist.

How to make a IMDb page for your movie

Once we have completed the process of creating your IMDB page successfully, you might want to make a page for your new movie. You need not worry about the process, as our specialists will explain how to create an IMDB page for a film. We shall complete filling up the submission page after you have provided us with relevant information such as – The title of your movie.


What is the page for? We create IMDB pages for the following categories

  • Film
  • Video
  • Music video
  • TV series
  • Podcast series
  • Video game

You also have to provide the status such as

  • Not yet completed
  • Completed but not shown anywhere
  • Completed and only limited non-public screenings
  • Released and screened / available to the public

Inform us whether you are

  • A member of the cast/crew
  • Producer/ director/ writer
  • An official source/ agent/ publicist
  • None of the above

Important information on how to create IMDB page for a film

If your selection is unique, you will get an option to include your movie in the IMDB database. Make sure that you use the original title of your movie in its original language, as it appears on screen in the opening credits. IMDB will reject your submission if you do not provide us with the above mentioned information. Please note that IMDB needs evidence that the title of your submission meets its criteria for inclusion. We shall scan the details you provide to ensure that the submission process goes smoothly and we can create IMDB page for film successfully.

Create IMDB actor profile

Actors who do not have an IMDB profile often wonder how to create IMDB actor profile. We shall take care of that as well. Provide us with information such as biography, trivia, etc. and we shall include that on your profile page.


Contact us today for a no-obligation quote if you want to create your own IMDB page. Our professionals have the solution for how to add yourself on IMDB.