Film108 is a Promotion & Marketing Agency. We have the Film industry’s most experienced professional team and provide the best Strategy and Services.

About Us

Film108 is a Promotion & Marketing Agency. We have the Film industry’s most experienced professional team and provide the best Strategy and Services.

Our Services

Movie Promotion & Marketing Consultancy

First, our Professional team will research your Movie project. Next, we set up how to do the latest and valuable Movie Promotion and Marketing on a low budget.

Social Media Promotion & Marketing

We solved your all Social Media Promotion and Marketing (Paid & Non-paid both).

Personal Branding/PR

Our Branding services help with Personal Branding tips, Personal Campaigning, Personal Awareness, Market your Personality, and all.

Influencer Marketing

Helps Brands engage and activate their audiences worldwide through a vast network of Influencer Marketing.

Twitter Trending

Our team and some Influencer groups can instantly trending your keywords and #Tag on Twitter (100% organic)


All types of Advertisements like OTT Ads, TV Ads, Website Ads, Radio Ads, Newspaper Ads, Cinema Ads, Etc.

Our Specialization In Marketing Techniques

Figure out how big your audience will be.

Research how you going to reach your target market.

Set up your marketing schedule.

Competitor Analysis and Handle Negative promotion & campaign.

Handle Movie Controversy (Create or manage Controversy).

Design your campaign.

Calculate your film marketing budget.

Connect with influencers that apply to your keywords.

Video Marketing Strategies.

Social Media Promotion Strategies.

Reviews and Ratings campaign Strategies.

Setup Backup Promotion & Marketing Strategies.

Apply other 100+ Importance Promotion & Marketing Strategies.


Create a social media plan.

Optimize social content for engagement.

Create a community for your audience.

Jazz up your profiles with a diverse content strategy.

Run cross-channel campaigns.

Promote Your Social Channels.

Investigate How Your Competitors Approach Social Media.

Understand Your Social Media Audience.

Establish the Best Times to Post and Set Up a Content Calendar.

Consider Working with Influencers to Widen Your Reach.

Track Your Results and Adapt.

Use premium Social Media Marketing Tools.

Apply other 50+ Importance Social Media Promotion & Marketing Strategies.


Set Your Personal Branding Goals.

Audit Your Current Personal Branding.

Get Set for Success.

Your Branding Strategy?

Choose social channels that are relevant to your goals.

Market your personality.

Share visual content: videos, infographics, or images.

Ask your followers for their opinions on specific topics

Publicize your expertise.

Fully Update Your Social Media Accounts.

Find & Join Groups.

Google SEO.

Study Influencers.

Apply other 50+ Importance personal branding & PR Strategies.


Determine your goal.

How to find influencers.

Influencer identification

Own Your Niche.

Value Engagement Over Followers.

Relinquish Control.

Coordinate your processes.

Guest Posting.

Branded Blog Posts.

Influencer Reviews for Free Products.

Be Prepared to Compensate Influencers.

Don’t Judge Too Quickly.

Track Results.

Apply other 50+ Importance Influencer Marketing Strategies.


How the Twitter algorithm works.

Current Twitter timeline ranking signals.

A brief history of the Twitter algorithm.

Add tags purposefully.

Encourage followers to engage.

Consider a Twitter thread.

Join relevant trends and topics.

Repackage top content.

Know Your Twitter Marketing Objectives.

Build Awareness.

Build a Community.

Use Premium Marketing Tools.

Apply Other 40+ Twitter Trending Strategy.


Social Media ads (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc).

Airline/Airport Ads

Cinema Ads


Website Ads( BookMyShow,Paytm,IMDb, Etc).

Newspaper Ads

Magazine Ads

Outdoor Ads

Radio Ads

TV Ads

Influencer Ads

Blog Ads

Events Ads.

Other 20+ Ads Platforms.


Research how you going to reach your target market.

Design your campaign.

Social Media Promotion Strategy.

Handle Movie Controversy (Create or manage Controversy).

Setup Backup Promotion & Marketing Strategies.


Targeted Audience

Engage with your customers

Your competitors are on social media Promotion.

Improve brand loyalty

Indicates Good Reputation

Develops Trustworthiness

Attain Confidence

Become more connected

Increased credibility

Amplified Brand Awareness

Builds Trust and Shows Authority

Drives Purchasing Decisions

Unlimited Sharing Potential


Gain valuable customer insights

Build brand personality and awareness

Deliver customer support and gather feedback

Cultivate a brand community

More Engagement and Viral your Service

For promoting services and products

Create Customer Awareness

Competitive Advantage

Relation with Quality and Price


Why Choose Us


Our Service Philosophy is Pro-active, not Re-active. 

100% Satisfaction

We want you to be completely satisfied with our services.

Latest Promotion Strategy

We provide the latest Digital & Social media promotion strategies.

Awesome support

We provide Direct customer support 24*7.

Clients happiness

Client satisfaction and Happyness our priority. We care for our clients for a lifetime.

Our vision

  • Created to ensure the equitable growth of the film industry.
  • Increase audience access to films.
  • Promote the Film Industry locally and internationally.
  • Promoting your purpose, Values, and Vision.
  • Create a Business.

Our Success Ratio

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